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Trinity Raw is a small family owned and operated enterprise.  Here is a picture of our little son helping to clean the beaters.  Interestingly enough he might not have even been had it not been for chocolate.  Our family came together with the help of a cacao seduction.  I met Amy for the first time for a day, gave her a jar of chocolates, then left for a month-long rafting trip down the Grand Canyon.  We though a lot about each other during that month, met up again when I returned and got married a few short months later.  Less than a year after that along came our son, Roak.

Raw chocolate is a big part of our harmonious life together, our glowing health and our abundant happiness.

More of our back story:  Before we met, Amy and I had both dealt with fairly serious health issues and independently concluded that most illnesses stem from poor diet.  We radically changed our outlook on food and embarked on health restoring purely raw food diets.  Our well being improved immeasurably.  Two crazy raw foodies living in the rural mountains of Northern California were, of course, destined to meet.

I had a small rafting company on the Trinity River were I served up early versions of my chocolate. Amy worked down river a way at an elementary school.  We fell in love and good things started happening to our chocolate.  Amy's refined palette honed my recipe to the perfection we think it is now and together we started selling it.  

We hope you can experience some of the joy from it that it has brought us.  Thank you for your support,

Tanner, Amy and Roak